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Let your colleagues discover a new type of entertainment, the Live Escape Game. For 60 minutes, your nerves will be strained and you will have to rely heavily on team spirit to escape. Cooperation, logic, excavation and communication will be there! Will you be out in time?

Team building

Escape Game only

Up to 24 people


With Escape Game

Up to 24 people

Private receptions

With Escape Game

Up to 48 peoples


Mobile Escape Game

From 12 to 100 people


Up tp 24 people

Live with your collaborators an unusual playful experience where fun mingles with team cohesion! Establish teams of 3 to 6 people, pay attention to the precious advice of your gamemaster and leave for 60 minutes of mysteries, reflection and adrenaline!


  • Ideal activity to weld your teams
  • 4 rooms available from 3 to 6 detectives
  • Up to 24 simultaneous detectives
  • Group Photos
  • From 10 people

breakfast + Game

Up to 24 people

Put your suitcases in our charming lounge and come and share a moment of conviviality with colleagues over a breakfast, before continuing your trip, in teams, in the enigmatic atmosphere of our rooms.


  • Privatization of the show for your teams from 9h to 11h
  • Full buffet available (pastries & drinks)
  • Group Photos
  • From 10 people


Up to 48 people

Feel like an original and exceptional moment in the heart of Caen?
With Get Out! the Escape Game becomes an event!
Come and investigate and share a unique and friendly moment in our private room for the occasion, around a cocktail dinner.


  • Salon privatized up to 48 people
  • Catering formulas varied and adapted to your budget
  • Up to 24 players simultaneously on our 4 game rooms
  • Group Photos
  • From 10 people

Mobile Escape game

From 12 to 100 people

Need a Home Escape Game?

Get Out! travels to make you live a unique experience combining cohesion, reflection and skill: an original team-building activity where communication will be the key to success.



  • Duration 1h30: HQ of F.B.I. – you have been summoned for your final exam to become a federal agent. The F.B.I. therefore entrusts you with one of his unsolved cases …
  • Up to 100 simultaneous players (contact us for more players)
  • Indoors – at home or at one of our partners

The knighting

  • Duration 20 minutes: Are you up to becoming knights? A last test awaits you …
  • 32 to 64 players on the day
  • Inside or outside (under medieval tent)


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