Kellar’s mysteries

Magician Kellar is about to die. He is looking for a team capable of succeeding him and take up the torch. For this he puts you to the test and confronts you with a test that only the greatest can succeed.

He locks you up in his theater, in which he began his career and became famous. Over the past few years, he has worked in the greatest secrecy to develop this project.

You have 60 minutes and not one more to escape in order to prove to him that you are the ideal team.

Pass the test and you will be in possession of his knowledge.

Required Skills

Team spirit


Be observant


Kellar locks you up in his theater to make you pass the great test. This place is a source of inspiration. Many things have been tried, some successfully, others with less luck. The applause still resonates. Some things will be useful, or not, you’ll have to differentiate them. Do not forget… it’s just a matter of point of view …

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