Introduce your colleagues to a new kind of entertainment that everyone will love. In our Get Out Lille premises, in the place of your choice, with a meeting or cocktail room? We adapt to your needs.

Live with your employees an extraordinary fun experience where fun mixes with team cohesion!

In your Get Out Lille!

A room or the whole manor just for you

What could be better than an escape game or an investigation game to nourish and develop team spirit, cohesion and communication? 60 minutes to discover yourself… and especially to escape! By team of 3 to 6 players and up to 54 players simultaneously.

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Get Out moves wherever you want

Take your staff to the FBI entrance test, go hunting down outlaws in the Far West or discover the city in a connected treasure hunt … the choice is yours! Are your teams scattered across the region? Bring them together in a digital team building! Up to 500 players simultaneously.

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Seminars and cocktails

A meeting room, a little hungry?

Surprise your employees by organizing a meeting in an atypical setting! With Get Out, your team building becomes an event. Share a unique and friendly moment in a private space for your lunch, dinner cocktail or a simple sweet or savory break! You deserved it …

We take care of everything


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